Lawn Care and Maintenance

A beautiful lawn adds curb appeal to any home, but keeping your lawn looking good is a challenge. There is much more to keeping a lawn healthy and beautiful than pushing a mower around the yard and hitting the high spots with a weed eater. Keeping your lawn healthy and well-maintained requires a commitment to regular mowing, pruning, planting, weeding, fertilizing and watering. It also takes an understanding of the science of lawn care, the right equipment and a commitment to time and labor that your schedule may not allow. Hiring a professional lawn care company will ensure a beautiful year-round landscape for your home. In Augusta, Ground Cover Supply is the best choice.

While professional maintenance services might cost a little more than DIY lawn maintenance in the short run, the long-term benefits for you home and property will far outweigh the costs. We have the right training, the right knowledge, the right equipment and the right people to do the job and make your lawn a thing of beauty.

Quality lawn care requires ongoing maintenance to promote a healthy lawn. A good understanding of soil types, grass types and proper irrigation techniques is important to keeping a healthy lawn that thrives year-round. As a non-professional, you run the risk of doing harm to your lawn by using the wrong fertilizers and pesticides that can burn or kill your grass and plants. Over watering, under watering, missing feeding schedules and using the wrong lawn and garden equipment can all cause damage such as dead patches, bald spots and weed overgrowth in your lawn.

Regular maintenance typically means weekly or bi-weekly care and we offer plans designed to fit any budget. In the spring and summer when new growth is at its peak, weekly maintenance is required to keep your lawn looking its best. During winter months when growth is slow, bi-weekly maintenance may be sufficient. Our regularly scheduled service will keep your weekend hassle free and your lawn looking professionally manicured.

Our lawn maintenance plans include regularly mowing your grass; edging any flower beds or landscaping; and pruning your shrubs, hedges and trees. We also blow off clippings and bag them for disposal along with trimmings and other waste. We offer spring and fall aeration to increase your lawn’s ability to absorb water and nutrients and we take care of fertilization and weed control, so you don’t need to worry about unsightly and potentially harmful growths overtaking your gardens and yard. We also offer additional optional lawn services to ensure a greener, plusher and more beautiful yard.

Our skilled maintenance crews can provide extra services like land clearing, brush removal, spring and fall yard cleanup, weeding, planting and pruning trees, small shrubs and flowers, mulching, border edging, hard surface cleaning for walkways, patios and driveways and gutter cleaning. If your lawn needs a makeover, we can provide landscape design and installation services, design and install beautiful garden areas, gorgeous walkways and pathways, masonry retaining walls, exterior landscape lighting and new irrigation systems. Our experts can also keep your landscape blooming year-round with the right bulbs, annuals and perennials for your landscape. When fall arrives and leaves start falling, we'll sweep them up and bag them so your lawn always looks good.

The Ground Cover Supply lawn care professionals have the training, equipment, knowledge, experience and skills needed to get your lawn in great shape, and keep it colorful, well-maintained and sharp-looking year 'round. Call today to get a free estimate on the services your home or property needs!