Our Prices . . . We Sell You Savings!

We are often asked how we can afford to sell our products to everyone at "contractor prices." The answer is simple. We set our prices based on selling an anticipated volume, not on margin alone. Our cost, price, and gross profit spiral is based on a very high sales volume and the spin works to benefit both of us. Our prices have been set in a very specific way and are not negotiable. We do not haggle, barter or trade.

Selling and purchasing in high volume also permits better prices from our suppliers and we work hard to control our below-the-line costs and overhead. There is no magic here, we just try to practice sound business principles. So check our prices, compare them to other suppliers, and we’re confident that you’ll recognize the value in shopping with us.

Shop Around – Compare Quality and Prices

We invite you to come into our store, examine our products and compare them to other suppliers as well. If you are going to spend the money, you deserve to know what you are buying and how much you are getting. So please, shop around and compare all of our competitors and you’ll see why we are the area's premier landscape material supplier. If you’re going to shop our prices around, please remember the axiom "never buy on price alone." Make sure you examine what you are purchasing before you make the decision.

Although this site is regularly maintained, any prices published here are subject to change at any time. Also they do not reflect any items which we may have on sale -– always stop by or call for current prices.