Hire Professionals

Sooner or later, most people will hire someone to landscape their house, an apartment building they own, their business of their professional office landscape. Regardless of the size of the landscape project you’re contemplating, its success will depend on careful planning and the hiring of a qualified, educated and licensed landscape and irrigation contractor.

Why a Licensed Contractor?

State law requires anyone who contracts to do landscape work to be licensed by the Contractors State License Board, if the total price of the job (including labor and materials) is $500 or more. Licensed contractors are regulated by laws designed to protect the public, are bonded, and must complete four years of journey- or higher-level experience in the same trade to apply for a license. Unlicensed persons, typically, are not bonded and may not have liability or workers’ compensation insurance. If you hire an unlicensed person, you may be financially responsible if injuries, fire, or other property damage results.

Planning and Preparing

Although your landscape project may not seem complicated, producing a finished job that looks good and will endure requires skill and knowledge of landscape and irrigation materials, and proper installation methods.

You should ask any contractor you consider hiring for advice on types of irrigation controllers, plant sizes, and grounds preparation that will enhance your property for years to come. To ensure a quality job, you should discuss with your contractor any possible inconvenience your landscape project will create. For instance, the patio furniture may have to be covered, your pet may have to be boarded, and vehicles may have to be moved. Make necessary arrangements before work begins to prevent possible delays or other problems.

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