Ground Cover Supply stocks and delivers many types of crushed rock, gravel and sand. Our products are used in a variety of residential, commercial and industrial construction projects.

With our good selection of sand, gravel, rocks and decorative stones including granite, pea gravel, egg rock, marble chips, crushed brick and common gravel, you can always find the perfect stone at the best prices in our area.

Not only does gravel have many shades, but it has many uses. It’s a budget-friendly and versatile material that will meet many of your landscaping, drainage or pathway needs. More often than not, the main decision isn’t what color of gravel to choose – it’s what size to use. That’s because not all gravel is created equal. The size you would use for a walkway isn’t necessarily the best option for a rock garden. When you consider how much foot traffic the area will receive, then selecting the right size of gravel doesn’t have to be challenging.

Granite – #57  Stone

This product is granite that varies in size from, one-quarter inch to one inch. It is commonly used in French drains, dry wells, driveways and parking pads, for slopes up to 60 degrees and walking trails.

Granite Crusher Run

Often used as road base material, this product provides an excellent hard surface for various applications such as a floor for an outdoor shed, parking pad or as an economical base for flagstone walks and patios. It is a mixture if stones and dust.

Granite Fines

This granite product is a sand-like product that is excellent for creating a smooth, hard surface. Use this in lieu of sand for your paver walkways and patios; you’ll get better results and it’s cheaper too!


There are basically three types of sand used for landscaping applications and building applications: masonry sand, top dress sand and play sand. These various types of sand and sand colors are used for different application including sand boxes, playscapes and playgrounds, volleyball courts, base for above-ground pools, paver applications and for adding to mortar or concrete for fieldstone patios and walkways.

Masonry sand is used for many residential, industrial and commercial hardscaping applications such as paving. This coarse sand is unwashed and has medium granules. One of the benefits of coarse sand is that it is much easier to work with and is better suited to hardscaping products and materials. This type of sand is generally used for paver applications and sand grouting.

River Rock


River Rock generally refers to stones that have smooth finishes and softly rounded shapes. This comes from the hundreds or thousands of years they have rubbed smooth by friction from a running body of water. Other than that, they can look vastly different from one another. Their colors can range from blue to green, red, pink, orange, coral, slate gray, or any combination of these colors. They might have stripes, spots and striations, or be one solid color.

Unlike large chunky rocks that are excavated from the earth which are used primarily as accent boulders, these smooth have more of a refined appearance, almost as if they were shaped and polished by hand. You can see this in the pictures above and below. They can be more of a neutral color to accent more colorful greenery or they can add a unique and colorful element to your yard. Many varieties look more beautiful when wet. That’s why they are so often used in water designs.

Play sand is fine, soft, washed and white in color sand granules. Play sand is very safe for children and is widely used in recreational parks, playgrounds and sand boxes. Children can be amused for hours with a sand box in their own backyard.     

Top dress sand is used for leveling and smoothing the surface of your lawn. It is a medium sand with 90 percent of its particles within 1.0 to 0.15 mm range. Additionally, this sand is also great for use under swimming pools and as play sand because of its uniform particle size. It won’t pack down creating a hard surface like river sand.


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