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Stone transcends style and time. Nothing is more appealing, more effective as an insulating building material, or more likely to provide return on your investment, no matter what the application, than natural stone. The selection of building stone for residential or commercial projects provides both immediate satisfaction and long-term investment value.

Stone is the oldest construction material known to mankind but the main drawback of using natural stone in construction is the expense of cutting and transporting it due to its weight. Plus the building process is labor intensive. As a result, stone veneer, has become our modern stonework product of choice.

Ground Cover Supply is proud to offer the highest quality selection of rock and stone in the Augusta area. Our suppliers mine select quarries and creeks, hand-tool cut selections and deliver the finished product to us in bulk quantities. Whatever color, cut or quantity of stone you need – for any size job – we can deliver the product to meet and exceed your expectations.

Please note that due to the inherent nature of stone, actual colors may vary slightly from any stone shown on our website. We recommend visiting our stone yard to see actual rock and their colors.

At Ground Cover Supply, we also have a team of masonry experts that can assist you with all of your masonry services needs.

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