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(For orders of 5 cubic yards or more)

Delivery service is available to locations within approximately a 20-mile radius of our store in central Columbia County. This covers almost all of Columbia, Richmond, Lincoln, and McDuffie counties. In some cases, longer distance (out-of-area) deliveries might be scheduled on an "as-available" basis.

Most products are dumped from our single-axle dump trucks. We also offer forklift delivery service for pallets of stone for an additional charge. Our trucks need a fairly flat and level surface to dump. Steep driveways or hills (8 to 10 degrees) may be a problem, depending on the product delivered; these trucks can tip over if the site is not level. Since our drivers do not hand unload or allow customers to remove products, please have an alternate dump location planned if there is any doubt about the dumping situation.

Delivery Fee

We charge a small fee for each delivery. Our delivery fee is $70 in our normal delivery service area. This fee is subject to change due to current fuel prices and are not negotiable.

While some companies may advertise free deliveries, the fact is need have to be paid and fuel, insurance, licensing, tires and other maintenance items are not free. Don’t be fooled into believing a free delivery is actually free. All free deliveries are actually reflected in higher product prices and you’ll realize it if you shop around. More than 70 percent of our customers use their own trucks, so we don’t think it’s good business to increase our product prices to subsidize free delivery services.

Delivery Scheduling

Scheduling a delivery is easy. If you know what you want, you can order it over the phone during business hours. Although, we always recommend that you come in and examine the product before you order it. At the time of the order you’ll need to give us all the specifics (who, what, when, where, etc.), and you can pay with a credit card over the phone.

We use a customized computer-aided delivery system that allows orders to be scheduled in hourly increments. We schedule on a first-come-first-served basis. We’ll give you a two-hour window for the delivery time frame, and only unforeseen events like mechanical breakdowns, flat tires, accidents or getting stuck on another site would alter the schedule. Since these things rarely happen, you can be assured you’ll get your stuff in the time frame specified.

Even though we have the capability of doing 10-20 deliveries each day, many orders are taken weeks ahead of time and the day/time period you desire may already be assigned to someone else. This is especially true of prime times like Friday afternoons. Our recommendation is to always try to schedule a delivery several days in advance.

Delivery Restrictions and Truck Limitations

For economic reasons we do have a minimum sales order required for a delivery to be scheduled. Your order must be at least 5 cubic yards in order for us to deliver to your address.

The capacity of our trucks for Mulch is 20 cubic yards (this will cover more than 2,160 square feet at three inches thick). Gravel capacity is 14 cubic yards.

We can unload the stone in your yard if the conditions are suitable for our machine. Palletized stone deliveries have a maximum capacity of around seven pallets or 25,000 lbs of stone.

Due to our very busy delivery schedule we are not able to dump in multiple locations (distributing the material around your property). We can’t combine loads for two customers or deliver to two different locations on the same truck.

We generally are not able to combine several products on the same delivery truck unless you do not mind mixing of the products during our loading or dumping operations.

We deliver and will dump on your property only. We will not drive on or trespass on property that is not yours. To do so requires the written permission of the property owner. Furthermore, we cannot jeopardize public safety by dumping material in the street or other public right-of-ways.

Although we take great care during our deliveries, we enter your property at your request and risk, and we will not be responsible for any possible damage to driveways, sidewalks, overhanging trees or other obstacles that may be present.

If we have agreed to dump material in your driveway and have an adequate description of the location, you do not need to be present at the time of delivery.

Off-Driveway Dumping Requests

If you request a delivery off the driveway you must tell our staff at the time you schedule your delivery, and you must also be present at the time the delivery is made. Since more than 99.98 percent of our deliveries are completed on schedule (generally a two-hour window) you’ll just have to be there during that period. During this period, you must be prepared to receive the delivery and sign a damage waiver. Our 25,999 lb. GVWR dump trucks run on street tires and unfortunately cannot get to places some might think possible. Because our drivers know the truck and its capabilities, they will evaluate the conditions and make the final decision about whether driving in your yard can be done. Please have an alternative dump location planned just in case they are not able to get where you would like them to go.

Fence gate openings must be a minimum 10-feet for our trucks to safely pass through. Also keep in mind that our trucks have a fairly large turning radius and may not be able to negotiate tight turns in your yard or driveway.

If we can’t deliver to you, you might be able to acquire the services of a third party (independent hauling company). Ask our Sales staff to provide you with names and phone numbers of third-party truck drivers.

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