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Give your garden or landscape project everything it needs using topsoil, organic compost and garden mix products from Ground Cover Supply on Washington Rd. in Evans. Our mulches, soils and compost are available for pickup and delivery and wholesale pricing is available to everyone on all of our mulches, soils and compost sold in bulk.

We are an environmentally responsible, customer-service focused company supplying nutrient rich, organic compost and topsoil products of the highest quality to homeowners, landscapers and businesses for more than a decade.

We understand local soil conditions and our owners are dedicated to providing consistent weed- and seed-free products. Careful management practices and proven composting techniques ensure the richest compost, topsoil and planter mixes available in the Augusta, GA, area.

The results of mulching and amending your existing soil with organic compost are truly impressive! Our quality compost improves clay and sandy soils by providing better drainage, aeration and water conservation (up to 50 percent). Improved moisture retention prevents excess water runoff, resulting in less pesticide and fertilizer use. All of these factors lower your maintenance costs.

Organic material supports your plant health by providing nutrients, encouraging root growth, and maintaining soil temperature. It attracts earthworms and healthy biolife, and improves resistance to plant diseases and pests. A layer of Compost/Mulch provides excellent weed control - resulting in less work for you!

Whether you're filling a low spot on your property or installing a complete lawn it makes sense to use the right product sold to you at the right price. We carry a complete selection of soil material, from inexpensive fill dirt to rich top soil to our popular gardener's mix. If you nothing else for your landscape - top dress your gardens with our compost/mulch for a beautifully finished look, and watch your plant materials grow!

Ground Cover Supply offers both pick up and delivery service and delivery is often the preferred option when it comes to soils and compost mixes. A single cubic yard of topsoil weighs about a ton and shoveling a couple of tons out of the back of a pickup can easily be a day's work. Our affordable and on-time delivery service lets you save your time and energy for more important things.

Blackened Screened Topsoil

This is a mixture of screened topsoil and ash. This soil is loose and friable and is good for planting trees and shrubs as well putting under new sod. As the name suggests this soil is very dark in color.

Gardener's Mix (Potting Soil)

Our plant mix is a special formulation developed it consists of screened topsoil and various composts. The mixture is an organic plant food and fertilizer ideal for creating raised flower beds or planting vegetables. Just pile it up, plant directly into it, and watch your plants take off!

Chicken Manure Compost

Our compost mix is a 100 percent compost product (no soil in the mix). It is a mixture of humus compost and is a slightly alkaline plant food and fertilizer that is ideal for tilling into the soil for flower beds or vegetable garden plots. It does not contain topsoil and should be liberally tilled into the soil (ideally 50/50).

Fill Dirt

Fill dirt is earthy material used to fill in a depression or hole in the ground. Fill dirt is usually subsoil (soil from beneath the top soil) and underlying soil parent material which has little soil organic matter or biological activity. It may also contain rocks and stones as well as earth. Fill dirt is taken from a location where soil is being removed as a part of leveling an area for construction. Our fill dirt is as free of organic matter as possible since organic matter will decompose creating pockets of empty space within the fill which could result in settling and damage to any structure built on the fill.

fill dirt
screened topsoil

Screened Topsoil

chicken-manure compost

Chicken Manure Compost

gardeners mix

Gardener's Mix

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