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It might be true that good fences make good neighbors -- and a fence will clearly define and outline your property -- but fences do more than create barriers and boundary lines. Fences protect children and pets, create a privacy for outdoor living, keep neighborhood children safe from swimming pools and add architectural and aesthetic appeal to any property. A fence makes the perfect backdrop for flowers, shrubs and other landscaping. The addition of a fence is a good value all around.

The fence specialists at Ground Cover Supply have the knowledge and expertise you help you plan any fence project, solving you immediate need and adding value to your property. All of our fences are custom-designed for each project and some truly push the envelope of originality. Whatever the project or design, we can create a fence or arbor to suit your yard, your needs, and your style.

We utilize a variety of fencing materials, styles and colors, ranging from treated pine and other wood fencing, PVC fencing or vinyl fencing and ornamental aluminum fencing  as well as galvanized or vinyl coated chain link fencing. We also fencing for new or existing pools that meets local building codes and regulations for swimming pool containment. We build fences for residential as well as commercial and industrial customers.

The most popular fences in this part of Georgia and South Carolina are privacy fences, but we also design and install picket fences, lattice fencing and fences combing elements of wood, chain link and other metal fencing materials. Various combinations can be used for aesthetic appeal of wood while taking advantage of the strength and durability of metal. These combinations are particularly effective for keeping your dog safe and sound in the back yard and keeping wild animals from coming in.

Privacy fences come in a variety of forms, each specially-designed to provide the greatest possible privacy in your backyard. With several styles to choose from, privacy fencing typically leaves no more than an inch of space between boards. Stockade or solid fences, often leave none at all. The choice is up to you!

With so many styles of fencing available, you are limited only by your imagination. We can alternate the sizes of boards, add dog-ear angled cuts or scallop the top line to create a bowed look. Board-on-board or shadow-box privacy fencing alternates boards and gaps on both sides of the fence, creating an aesthetically-pleasing work for both you and your neighbors. With a few simple options, your fence can easily go from dull to eye-catcher!

The simple picket fence has been the symbol of the American ideal for many years. These decorative fences are generally used to set a boundary or add curb appeal to a home and do little in the way or proving privacy. New styles and applications keep the old-fashioned picket fence relevant.

The pickets can be customized to any width or height and include a variety of top options from flat-top, to standard point, to dog-eared corners. Picket fences can be scalloped or crowned for a unique look and even built with spindle pickets rather than more traditional boards for an elegant and modern style.

Lattice fencing is available with standard two-inch spacing or you can choose custom spacing depending upon the level of privacy you desire. Lattice is an excellent choice for decorative deer fence or simply as a touch of elegance for your property.

Here are some of our more popular privacy fence styles:

  • Straight Top Privacy - A clean, sleek look and a great value. We use 1x6 mill cut boards spaced or attached flush to achieve this classic look!

  • Dog Eared Privacy - Probably the most common fence style in the Augusta, GA, area Dog Eared privacy is named for the small 45 degree cuts in the top corners of the fence boards.

  • Formal Privacy -- This is privacy with a more formal flair. Choose from basic 1x4 trim to finish the top or add a top cap to give a rigid and profound appearance!

  • Upward Arched Privacy -- Each section of the fence is cut with an eye-catching scallop design. Add finial balls for a romantic colonial look. A great value and very appealing!

  • Downward Arched Privacy - This stylish design is a reverse version of the upward arch! This fence highlights posts and lends to above eye level vision.

  • Formal Shadowbox -- Again, the top of the fence is trimmed out with a board of top cap to give a shadow box fence a more elegant look. Makes a terrific backdrop to foundation plants and landscaping.

  • Dog Eared Shadowbox - The local favorite ... a  Dog Eared shadowbox is tall, secure and brings a sense of security to the yard.

We also offer a choice of several ornamental iron or aluminum fence options. Call is today and let us take a look at your project. You'll be pleased with our workmanship and surprised by our affordable pricing.

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sod sales augusta ga evans ga

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