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With the rain and wind we often see in this part of Georgia and South Carolina, pine straw is a great solution for dressing up your landscape. Pine straw is, obviously, an all natural product and it does not float or wash away, it's very long-lasting and it prevents erosion.

Because pine straw is slow to deteriorate, it does not require constant application like so many other landscaping mulches. Pine straw is great to use on slopes and other oddly-shaped landscapes and serves as an effective shield for more delicate plants.

Pine straw is an easy way to reduce time spent on garden maintenance, and it can also reduce garden pests and termites. Pine straw is also high in nitrogen, acts as a fertilizer for plants, shrubs and trees.

Because pine straw is not easily compacted, it allows for increased water filtration and keeps plants cool in the summer and warm in the winter -- a great way to keep them alive through even the harshest seasons.

  • Pine straw is natural and blends beautifully into the landscape.

  • Pine straw lasts a long time ... it takes up to four years for the needles to completely decompose. They have a very high resin content, which inhibits rapid decomposition.  A light application of fresh needles, over the top, once a year, is all that you need to do.

  • Pine straw allow the passage of air, moisture and fertilizer into the soil.

  • Pine straw retards the growth of mushrooms, slime molds, bird’s nest fungus or artillery fungus.

  • Pine straw will not rot the trunk collar on your trees.

  • Pine straw will not cake and mat down. This eliminates the problem of compaction that makes some mulch impermeable to air, moisture, and fertilizer movement into the soil.

We carry clean baled pine straw at competitive prices, so come see us for all pine straw at Ground Cover Supply in Evans, GA.

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