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Whether you are a professional landscaper or a homeowner trying to complete a garden project on your own, we offer the largest selection of products at competitive prices along with outstanding customer service. We stock a variety of bulk landscaping materials such as natural stone, mulches, decorative gravels, sand and soil products at low prices. Many of our products are similar to those sold in bags at local home improvement centers. We don’t sell flowers, bushes, plants, trees, or shrubs.

We sell products in bulk form using a skid steer loader bucket to dump it into trucks and trailers. This provides you with a large volume of landscape material and the benefit of the scale-of-economies by purchasing at significantly reduced prices over bagged products.

We provide a distribution channel through which many products that would normally be considered waste are converted into an environmentally beneficial end-use. For instance, our mulch products are obtained from lumber mills that, without companies like ours, would either burn or bury this by-product of their industry. As it is said, one man’s waste is another man’s treasure.

We purchase our products from reputable companies located in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina and Tennessee. Our suppliers are all well-equipped, sufficiently-capitalized, professionally-managed and have a proven track record so we are assured they will be in business for years to come. This helps us keep our “standard products” in stock and the quality as consistent as possible.

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