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At Ground Cover Supply, we sell, deliver and install a variety of the most popular types of colored mulch, compost and other landscape materials for both commercial and residential clients throughout the Augusta, GA, area. We can also install these materials in new or existing plant and flower beds, load your truck or trailer at our Washington Rd. facility in Evans or deliver bulk products for do-it-yourself application. Our delivery rates are affordable, our drivers are trained and we have a 99.9 percent on time rate.

Available in a variety of colors, these wood chips or small wood pieces control the growth and spread of weeds, add aesthetic value, control erosion and minimize the loss of moisture in landscaped beds.Mulch slows the rate at which water evaporates from moist soil, allowing it to retain moisture for a longer period of time. This saves both time and water for you, the gardener. Increased levels of moisture in mulch also help to promote better, healthier root systems for plants and trees.

Thick layers of mulch are an effective way of smothering small weed seedlings. Mulch applied in such a way acts by preventing seed germination of small weeds by blocking sunlight, while allowing your larger plants to grow efficiently.

Organic mulches increase soil nutrient levels and improve the texture of the soil. As the mulch decays, it becomes a primary component of the topsoil.

Colored Mulch

This mulch is made from 100 percent virgin forest material, predominately hardwood. It is shredded, screened and dyed with a non-toxic colorant to provide a rich contrast to the plants in your landscape. Popular colors are black, brown and red. Much of our product is made from hardwood and cypress and none of our suppliers use recycled pallets or crates in their manufacturing process.

Hardwood Cypress

If a light colored, fine textured mulch is what you want, cypress mulch will provide the qualities you are looking for. Our cypress shreds come from mills exclusively producing cypress lumber. Therefore, this product is 100 percent cypress.

Kids Safe Playground Mulch

Kid Safe is an engineered wood product made of hardwood and engineered wood fiber. It qualifies for use at daycare centers, municipal playgrounds, churches and homeowner playgrounds.

Pine Nuggets

Pine Nuggets are a very common and popular landscape material. The product generally lasts for many years and is best suited for flat to gentle slopes (up to 25 degrees). We offer pine nuggets in three sizes: large, 3-5 inches; medium, 1-2 inches; and fine, one quarter to one half inch, generally referred to as pine mulch. Pine nuggets work well in flower beds.

These reddish-brown chunks of pine bark give your garden a neat, natural look. They break down more slowly than shredded materials, so they don't need to be replenished as often. Nuggets work best in flat beds, where they won't float away during a heavy rain.

pine nuggets augusta ga evans ga grovetown ga
red mulch augusta ga evans ga grovetown ga
black mulch augusta ga evans ga grovetown ga
brown mulch augusta ga evans ga grovetown ga
cypress mulch augusta ga evans ga grovetown ga

Black Mulch

Red Mulch

Cypress Mulch

Brown Mulch

Pine-Bark-large-Nuggets augusta ga evans ga grovetown ga

Large Pine Nuggets

pine-medium-nuggets augusta ga evans ga grovetown ga

Medium Pine Nuggets

pine fine nuggets augusta ga evans ga grovetown ga

Fine Pine Nuggets

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