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There are few things in the landscape more beautiful than a lush green lawn. If your lawn has failed to establish itself or is showing its age, the installation of sod allows you to enjoy a lawn of instant beauty and maturity. When planted properly and adequately watered, sod grass will root in and establish itself within a week or so and in no time your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood. We offer Bermuda, Centipede, Empire Zoysia, Zion Zoysia, and St. Augustine.

At Ground Cover Supply, we work closely with our clients to help them choose the best sod variety, organize the installation and discuss care of the grass to ensure success. In some cases, the installation of an irrigation system and the addition of rich topsoil can be part of the overall project and we can handle those needs as well. We manage sod installations of all sizes, from large commercial sites with multiple truckloads to small areas at residential properties. We work closely with our clients to choose the best sod variety, organize the installation and discuss care of the grass to ensure success.

Because of the temperate climate in Georgia and South Carolina and plentiful rainfall, many sods are available for your particular project. We take into consideration varying water and fertilizer requirements, mowing height and frequency, tolerance of heat and cold, resistance to foot traffic and the potential for grass diseases.

Over the past few years Zoysia has become one of the most popular turf choices available. As trees grow and shade out Bermuda lawns many people are converting to Zoysia. It is a lush thick turf that does well in sun and part shade.  Zion Xoydis has a thinner blade and the Empire Zoysia has a thicker blade. 

Bermuda is still the most common sod used. This affordable sod thrives in full sun with moderate water and bounces back quickly after a period without rain. St. Augustine is one of the most popular turf grasses in Georgia because of its ability to thrive in shady areas. The wide leaves are efficient in gathering sunshine underneath shrubs and trees. It is also an excellent full-sun turf and will crowd out most weeds. St. Augustine stays green longer than most other grasses and can often thrive into the late fall.

Centipede has been a Southern staple for a hundred years. It was brought to the United States from South China in 1916. It is a low, medium textured, slow growing, but aggressive grass that can produce a dense, attractive, weed-free turf. It is more shade tolerant than Bermuda but less shade tolerant than St. Augustine and zoysiagrass. Since centipede produces only surface runners, it is easily controlled around borders of flower beds and walks.

Careful preparation, the right type of sod for your particular area and professional installation are important to ensure the success of a new turf area. Sod can be installed in Georgia and South Carolina at any time of the year, but the most popular months for installation are March through September. Depending on the size of your project, we can often transform a landscape in as little as a day.

Call us today to arrange for professional installation of your lush new lawn.

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