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Wood, siding, not even brick can add the perceived value and beauty of stone to your home or building and Stone Veneers can give the same effect at a much lower price. For new construction or remodeling, there is no better choice for appearance, value and durability.

Stone veneer, also known as stone siding or cladding, is used for the construction of homes, offices, buildings, fireplaces, chimneys, hardscapes, landscapes or any other architectural building project that demands fine materials that are also cost effective, visually appealing and long lasting. Veneers from Ground Cover Supply require no painting, or resurfacing and provide infinite opportunities to bring texture, tone and excitement to your building project.

Veneers of varying thickness can be used for facial application on both residential and commercial buildings. Veneers are also ideal for flat stacking and interior and exterior applications. Stone veneer is typically one inch thick and must weigh less than 15 pounds per square foot so no additional structural support is required.

Stone veneer can be made from natural stone as well as manufactured stone. Natural stone veneer is made from real stone that is either quarried or collected, such as fieldstone. The stone is cut to a consistent thickness and weight for use as a veneer. This stone is often called thin stone veneer.

Manufactured stone veneer is a decorative building material manufactured to replicate the look of natural stone. The names artificial stones, faux stone, stacked stone veneer, manufactured stone and flexible stone veneer are also used for manufactured stone veneer. Manufactured stone veneer is fabricated by pouring a lightweight concrete mix into rubber forms of different styles and finished with a coloring process which makes it resemble real stone. The stone veneer produced is then attached to walls with special mortars.

Flexible stone veneer is fabricated by pulling a thin layer of stone from a slab of slate, sandstone, or mica schist. It is backed by a composite material.

At Ground Cover Supply, we also have a team of masonry experts that can assist you with all of your masonry services needs.

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